Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Friday, April 1, 2011

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Debris, frozen in pain

Maybe tonight is the unintentional injury, but I have heard the voice of heartbreak, do not wish to depression. If you have not met you, how do I know I was so fragile, like glass, touched on the break. The fate of millions of people looking for past life, burning passion for the little life, I want to give yourself a perfect love. Gentle romance with wine, there are ups and downs of seasonings! But the suspicion can not understand a little less?

I think of faith can open everything, I think you will hinder the red open, but unfortunately you're just thrown into the wayward wind in me. Can not find direction, get lost. Past sorrows, life tears for ages, Suixin taste the pain you last generation.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, fireworks will be the rumbling sound of festivity! But, but, but I do not quite happy. I do not know how to explain, do not know how to comfort, do not know, do not know, do not know I was not really wrong. In fact, I have for you is worth only thing I can put down the pride of the things in front of you my damn self-esteem also become worthless. Today you put me severely with passion and longing.

Willful, I've had just met you before disappear. And you, I enjoy the gentle tear. Feeling out of control, I pity your tears.

Part-time study, life beautiful landscape

A landscape of life, leisure life is a line. Some people walk in the street, the park ... ... Some people indulge in the dim light the altar linen, was obsessed with flashing multicolored lamp dance hall, living the life dream life. The study was included in the amateur category of life, highlighting its position. Spare time to learn good, good. I recently entered into this part of the group, whenever you have to learn, take others to offset our own weaknesses.
Heavy spare time, quiet night lamp, it seems heaven-sent opportunity to learn nirvana. Room, the desk is my sky. I am all attention flying in the sky of their own, the concentrate. The outside world is very exciting, diverse and also mixed with noisy, but also helpless. Hi I'm lonely, quiet nature, the contend in Xuehai, fun atmosphere thick.
The beginning of a simple man, no yes. Years of growth, cumulative supplement. Self need to enrich. In the sea of ​​options, I chose to learn. Enrich their learning, the more interested to learn more. Million will not be tired of thousands of accumulated knowledge, strengthen their own.
I admire people who have achieved. Enhance the power from them, encouraged by his own, to find the target. Success is our motivation, is a small boat drifting in the sea a beacon.
Good day of learning, life has been enriched amateur, intelligence increase, in one stroke win, the United States! Part-time study, life and landscape. This landscape light up my life path. She urged me to new leaf and lead me, and encouraged people to innovation.

Pay homage to those

Always thought that friendship is the altar of aging wine, the longer the more mellow, but in the roaring of the fleeting, the inability to see clearly, and the powerful is destiny.
Story in the tears of others, to see their favorite idols feel joy and love, lean on the windowsill watching the clouds and rain to see vast infinite sky was quiet. These are so beautiful, even during a sting of the sharp edges, but worth it.
Tired, time and time again recalled, recalling again and again to pick up again and again to hope, again and again disappointed. Steady stream of heavy traffic, take away my memory. I understand, used to it. Smile, and then gorgeous curtain call, this is what we are looking forward to it.
Bustling urban center, filled with confusion and sadness. Tired mind, warm heart, the love light shining, every day is memorable in the past. Love, at that moment never left. Dream, searching for ideal lock now.
Summer and winter, the cycle, Chunhuaqiuyue, Nam Yin North to. Time to think and to have the pace, hurried run over from us. It gives a lot, but also take away a lot, it just scales, weighing our pleasure and pain, sorrow and joy.
Walked hand in hand with the youth Rapid but never forgotten During that innocent friendship As a unforgettable memory there Who share the joy of youth Who is buried with the sorrow of youth

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Concert few who listen to string broken

The city's afternoon, the sun poured, covering full House, Connaught large sky actually see a cloud, just a touch of light wind in calm mind clean, cold fingers touched the skin fat of the moment, as if to feel There was a chill landed in the body, call the tune, captivating, unique send broken language, mind, such as lotus, sigh no one can understand.
 Boundless, coming and going, met with the missing have been staged in the non-stop, who could promise forever by my side who will never betray the original intention of listening to deliver? The answer is very few, or no, looking back at the past nineteen years, really into each other, spiritual world and left a deep mark in people, very few.
 I have a dream, to find a beautiful woman to accompany me to ride the road of writing, this emotion can be done anytime, or no matter what happens, will not change the slightest. Such feelings can be put aside all worldly fame and fortune with brains, heart blending, Hexin get along. This emotion is like a twin flower, able to hold off if you do not, I will not give up.
 However, interpersonal relationships, heart and heart seem to have a layer of barrier, a barrel that is broken, often are reluctant to say so, keep a distance from the United States, also made room for placement of each other. Saying goes, 酒逢知己千杯少, mountain stream seek Concert, Yi Tan thoroughly sound eras through the ages, but also lanterns fragile, hard to find grace, friends and hard to find.
 Full of thoughts, like v. Ho Hsiu, no one can understand, then, over time into a pyramid, and then from the heart flow in the tip, pale paved a chapter of text, placed in space, as the fancy watch. And from many people, there are those who praise, there are insiders, there is the envy of those who, with envy, have reprimanded those who are more provocative. Acquaintance is not easy, and you text in words for me to add color, I pay you to visit one by Dan Xiao, who knows me, for my heart sick, I do not know who I am, another want anything else?
 Good quiet sun, revel and do, I hand my heart, if you know, I feel honored.

After the surprise disappointment

No disappointment there will be no surprises, no setbacks will not have once cherished. There are many people to reach a consensus, I know that the reason children that have not had time to grasp. In the "prose it"application of the "Mountain to pick leaves " do not cherish the game when writing the text is always entertainment, creative attitude did not care.
 When the twelfth lunar month last year, I want to write a diary entry prose it entertainment, I can not open their own essays. Is not a password error, nor is it a verification code error, nor is the user name in question, repeated for three consecutive days to enter a user name, password, authentication code, click on the landing, jumped out to the user name blank, password is blank, verification code is also a blank . I re-enter is a kind, I am very disappointed. So, I guess there must be where the problem is not the administrator deleted my account.
 I'm bored Each essay topic will be their own copy, enter Baidu view, resulting in many of the "Mountain to pick leaves " user name. Some of my little article was published in which I want to log on is password. I know that the former "Mountain picked leaves " I am the only exclusive, there are people who fall in love with me, "Mountain picked leaf " name. I feel very proud that I made ​​a good user name, so people should take the same name. But, I guess: Could it get me wrong, Manuscript and the administrator deleted my account. Oh I'm so disappointed!
 I also found it in my essays published in "The fear of crows"in the"send to send network - read network children's poetry reading poetry reading reading reading podcast in English, " read to hear the beautiful sound. Although this is not the famous author, but this is what I wrote, in prose it August 12, 2010 issued, and "send to send network " is September 13, 2010 entry pronunciation. Not modify the text of which, I think surprises. My text reproduced or adapted if someone is really something to be proud of something, at least some people agree with my text.